Episode 015 – Organ Donor Care Unit

Organ donation after the circulatory death (DCD) or clinical diagnosis of brain death is a highly coordinated process primarily driven by organ procurement organizations (OPOs). I’m fortunate to be involved with a streamlined process whereby organ donors from our hospital are cared for in a dedicated “donor specialty care unit” while finding potential recipient matches at hospitals all over the country.

Just inside this ICU is a commemoration that reads:

Here we stand…
At the threshold of this new beginning.
We bless the intention, vision, and labor
of those who brought this space
from mere possibility into solid reality.

May we honor and bless the patients and families
Whose generous but broken hearts
Have made the difficult decision
In offering the most precious gift of all
To those they’ve never met.

May those who serve here
Be continually renewed in their spirit
As they, too, give of themselves
With wisdom and compassion.
May their lives be bountiful with love and blessings.

Through all of these gifts
The sacred speaks and smiles
From behind those giving eyes.
May we all be givers
As we rise together in this new beginning.


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