Episode 002 – Thank You, Surgical Techs!

Surgical scrub technicians (“scrub techs”) are incredibly important individuals in the course of an operation. They facilitate surgical workflow by providing instruments, positioning the patient, ensuring sterility, assisting with tissue retraction, etc.

I remember when I first scrubbed in as a medical student on my ob/gyn core rotation, the entire operating room had drawn cross-hairs on me expecting me to contaminate the sterile field, pass out, or mess something up. The scrub techs were consistently very welcoming of me, often times explaining instruments and parts of the procedures as the surgeons worked diligently.

Now as an anesthesiologist, I have the best view of the entire surgical theater – the surgeons, the circulating nurses, the scrub techs, and of course the patient. I see the subtle but profound actions the techs make throughout the case of a surgery. Anticipating which instrument the surgeon will need next. Making sure the patient is safely draped and padded. Making small adjustments to the surgical field which streamline workflow. Properly dressing the surgical incisions at the end of the case.

Your efforts are definitely recognized and appreciated… especially all the “little things” you do!


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